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Boschett Harpoon

When it comes to building a true dive watch, Keith Boschetti has proven he and his team know exactly what it takes to achieve this and Boschett Harpoon is a perfect example of their achievements.  A timepiece featuring the best of both worlds, the ability to function as a diving tool in a timepiece with killer good looks.  The Harpoon is a sharp timepiece which hits the sweet spot for most collectors with its 47mm case and sapphire crystal.  Above and beyond its aesthetics it is absolutely a diving tool and features all the components one would expect in a professional diver.  These features range from a helium release valve to a push button diver’s extension used to quickly adjust the bracelet to easily fit over a wet suit.  The Harpoon has a heavy helping of Swiss Super-LumiNova®on the bezel, hour marks, and hands.  The amount of lume used on the Harpoon is another feature that lends itself to being a true dive watch.  The water resistance of this timepiece is a whopping 1000M, far beyond the threshold of man but more proof of the quality built into this piece.    

Keith Boschetti has designed and built an extremely clean timepiece.  The dial layout is sleek and uncluttered with the second hand designed to replicate a harpoon, a cleaver detail.  The feature that stands out the most on the Harpoon is the bracelet design.  A full five piece design with screws securing the links together, it is extremely well built and designed.  It is silky smooth and contours to your wrist perfectly, to the point you forget you have it on.

The Boschett Harpoon has quickly become a cult classic amongst collectors, with Facebook pages documenting who owns which number of this timepiece.  This brand has a following that most manufactures would love to have and the reasons for this are obvious once you’ve had the pleasure of wearing a Boschett timepiece.  The dedication to the Boschett brand, in my opinion, is due to Keith Boschetti’s desire to produce timepieces from a collector’s point of view.  He has an eye for finely, precise built instruments and understands what watch collectors are looking for.  Keith started the company because he wanted to turn his hobby of watch collecting into a business, knowing he could build a better timepiece for the money he was paying for lesser ones.

I decided to ask the collectors themselves, to better understand the following that Boschett Timepiece has created and what it is about the Harpoon that has produced such passion.  “Incredible” Scott Baker exclaimed about the Harpoon, “The bracelet was so much better in person than in the pics and its true 5 piece link bracelet with solid end links.”  Rick Donahue, “Perfection” he went on to include, “The bezel is by far my favorite feature of the Harpoon.  Like a bunch of blades on a saw that would cut out a circular hole.”  The passion in which these collectors answered my questions was very apparent, they truly appreciate Keith Boschetti’s efforts and what he has created.  Each collector I spoke to had a different feature of this timepiece they pointed to as their favorite.  This indicates that the Harpoon features several well designed and crafted details that attracts them.  I say let’s take a look at some of these features in more detail.

The bezel:  The Harpoon features interchangeable bezels, each has identical edge designs but one features a black ceramic insert with a heavy helping of lume on the divers scale.  The solid stainless bezel is done with black markers with a heavy plug of lume at the 12 o’clock position.  Both are brilliant but the ceramic bezel is a stand out.  My measurements have the bezels coming in at a 43.5mm diameter.

The bracelet:  As previously stated a silky smooth 5-piece link bracelet secured with screws and offering an absolutely perfect fit.  The design of this 24mm bracelet gives off checker board aesthetics and I just can’t say enough about it.  There is just no way of doing it justice with words, it is one of those things you just have to see in person to truly appreciate.

The buckle:  A signature push button deployant buckle with push button diver’s extension featuring micro adjustments to get that perfect fit.  A robust design that comes in at a width of 26mm, this buckle is the exclamation point of a brilliant bracelet.

The case:  The Harpoon’s case measures 47mm from the 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock, now I actually measured this a few times because I couldn’t believe my eyes, this watch does not appear 47mm on your wrist.  When measuring from the 9 o’clock to the 3 o’clock position and including the crown and helium release valve I saw numbers up to 49mm.  Now I am not saying that this is a large timepiece because it is not and it defiantly doesn’t play large on the wrist.  But that is due to the bezel size that, as previously stated, comes in at 43.5mm.  This timepiece fits my 7 and half inch wrist perfectly and does it without being overwhelming or seeming too small.  The bubble style screw on case back of the Harpoon cannot go without mention.  It has been heavily decorated with an engraving of a man battling a sea monster and his weapon of choice being, you guessed it, a harpoon.

The movement:  The icing on the cake some might say.  The Harpoon features a top of the line Swiss Made movement the ETA 2824-2.  This is an extremely accurate, robust movement that takes this already spectacular timepiece to the next level and another feature proving the case that the Harpoon was built to the highest of standards.  The ETA 2824-2 is a movement that will one day become extremely difficult to obtain and adds to the collectability of this piece.

The Boschett Harpoon is an extremely impressive timepiece and there are no words that can do it justice.  The hype surrounding this timepiece is well deserved and I am absolutely a believer.  To quote a well known collector in the community, “watch of the year period!” Jim Skelton

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