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Vostok-Europe Lunokhod 2

DSCF0605I should acknowledging that this is in fact my first look at a Vostok-Europe timepiece.  But based off of what I have read this could be the king of their lineup.  There is so much to say about this technological marvel of a timepiece it is difficult to decide where to start.  Let’s start off with the movement from Soprod Switzerland and the teaming up between a Swiss Movement manufacture and Russian inspired watch maker.  Soprod Switzerland is a leading Swiss Made movement manufacture and is part of the Festina Group Switzerland group.

The Lunokhod features a Swiss Made Multifunction Soprod TM36.03VE Quartz Chronograph Movement with 8 micro processors and is by far the most complicated timepiece I have ever experienced.  Obviously we all know that complications in the watch industry are a good thing and doesn’t necessarily mean the watch is difficult to use.  For those that don’t know the term complication, in the watch industry a complication is basically any function added to a timepiece other than the basic hours, minutes, and seconds.  The Soprod Movement in the Lunokhod was designed specifically for Vostok-Europe.  It features dual time zones, date function, countdown timers for hours and days, a chronograph, and perpetual calendar.  The movement inside the Lunokhod is so advanced it knows how many days are in each month and where it is in relationship to leap year.  The complications don’t end there the Lunokhod also sports a AM/PM indicator and a snap back seconds hand and snap back day indicator.

It is my understanding that Vostok-Europe and Soprod teamed up to present the first every “Swiss Made” Russian timepiece.  As stated above this movement was specifically designed for Vostok Europe.  I have to admit that I did have to review the Vostok-Europe videos on YouTube to familiarize myself with the functionalities of this timepiece.  But once master each complication is extremely simple to utilize.   Completing this  review in between the months of February and March made me truly appreciate the technology built into this watch.  As your collection grows, has mine has, it becomes a task to change each timepiece for months that do not end in 31 days.  Considering it was February all of my collection was in line to have the correct day, date, and month set.  Well all except the Vostok-Europe Lunokhod that is.  This is because you can set this timepiece to know where it is, in time, in relationship to leap year.  This allows the Lunokhod to know how many days are in each month, including in a leap year.

The crown on the Lunokhud is basically the option toggle that allows one to chose which complication you would like to use.  Starting from the main time position the first press of the option button/crown allows you to view the secondary time zone.  The next option is the hour countdown timer, followed by the day countdown timer which are accessible with another push or two of the crown.  Lastly, the option hand snaps up to the top for use of the chronograph complication.  Although this timepiece does function slightly different than most other watches, the chronograph operates as you would expect it to.  The top function pusher is the start/stop  for the chronograph and the bottom function pusher is the reset.  This option hand also serves as a AM/PM indicator in either time zone.

Based on what this movement is capable of it is without doubt in that “grail” classification of watch movements.

Along with a very impressive movement the Lunokhod features a unidirectional rotating bezel, helium release valve, T-25 Tritium Tubes and interchangeable straps.  There isn’t a whole lot missing with this when it comes to the Lunokhod.  It comes well packaged in a mini diver’s case along with three straps and a strap changing tool.

The dial on the Lunokhod is very unique and well designed.  It has been split up into four segments by the “X” design in the center of the dial.  The option hand is set at the 9 o’clock position, the date at the 12 o’clock position, the logo at the 3 o’clock, and the seconds hand at the 6 o’clock position.  The seconds hand does have that unique snap back complication which I feel is very impressive.  It is unique and for those of us that have growing collections different is good and it is something that you might not already have in your collection.

The dodecagon unidirectional rotating bezel features a luminance blob and divers scale.  It is extremely easy to grip and the ratcheting is very smooth.  The bezel on the Lunokhod is very sharp and finishes the dial well with a color matching insert.

The signed case on this timepiece is about 48mm in diameter using traditional measurements.  It does feature a screw on case back which helps keep the water resistance above the minimum levels for a professional diver.

The  Lunokhod comes with 2 silicon straps as well as a leather strap with color matching stitching.  All straps are high quality and look fantastic.  Vostok-Europe includes a tool to easily replace the straps depending on what look you’re in the mood for.

The Vostok-Europe Lunokhod is a very impressive timepiece with a multitude of complications.  It is a sharp looking timepiece that is every bit a professional dive watch.  This well made, high quality timepiece features ground breaking technology with its Sopord Swiss Made movement.  As previously stated this is my first look at a Vostok-Europe Timepiece but it won’t be my last.  A perfect combination of what can be accomplished when Russian inspired and Swiss horologist team up.


  • Water Resistance- 300M
  • Case Diameter- 48mm
  • Case Diameter w/crown- 54mm
  • Bezel- 50mm
  • Thickness- 17mm
  • Crown Diameter- 8mm
  • Strap Width- 25mm tapering to 23mm
  • Buckle Width- 28mm
  • Weight- 185 grams

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