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Zavtra T-37

DSCF0733 (640x628)Before starting this review I decided I would try and find out a little more about the word Zavtra to better understand the direction of this brand.  Zavtra, from what I was able to find, is of Russian origin and translates to the English word Tomorrow.  To me this indicates a brand that will focus on the cutting edge of design and technology while still holding to the tradition of true watch making.  The question is, does the Zavtra T-37 hold to this vision?

The name T-37 was derived from the Soviet Amphibious Light Tank the T-37A, the first of its kind.  When looking at the details on the T-37 you can see the inspiration of a battle ready tank in its DNA.  This watch gives me the impression that it was built to just run and run well from its reliable movement to its solid stainless steel construction.

Zavtra is a new watch brand from the minds of Craig Hester of Vostok Europe and Wing Liang of Android USA.   The Zavtra is a very clean and elegant timepiece made with quality components and designed to impress with subtlety.  As I am sure you know I am a huge fan of purple dials and this dial does not disappoint in anyway.  From the heavy helping of luminescence material on the hour marks from the cleverly designed Zavtra logo it is easy to see that this dial design was well thought-out and done with a lot of class in mind.  My first impressions of the partnership between Craig and Wing is that they have  successfully built a new brand that is unique but does show hints of what each of them are known for.

The 24mm black leather strap has black stitching and features a pair of metal studs near the lugs.  The strap gives this timepiece a lot of versatility.  It can easily pull of a business meeting or a night out at the your local sports bar.  It truly is a timepiece that could easily become your go to timepiece regardless of what you have planned for the day.  The signed buckle measures 24mm so it can accommodate the non-tapered strap.

The 48mm case features very smooth and clean lines and is absolutely another reason for the versatility of this timepiece.  The case has been finished with a draw that gives the stainless steel a less glossy look than the bezel.  This really give the case life and looks great on the wrist.  It is large and does have some weight considering it is a chunk of stainless steel shaped into a classically round case.  The lugs measure 26mm and have been shaped to perfectly accept either the leather strap or possibly a bracelet if offered.

The bezel on the Zavtra is the one feature of this watch that really jumps out at you.  Once you understand where the inspiration for these timepiece came from you can see the T-37A in the bezel of this watch.  Almost as if the bezel itself is a tank tread that is wrapping its way around the dial.  The bezel has a high polish finish and really matches up will with the different finish on the case.

The Zavtra T-37 features a Seagull TY3600 Mechanical 17 Jewel movement that is fully decorated and visible through the exhibition case back.  Like many of the movements coming out of China nowadays it is extremely accurate and the decoration really sharpens up the overall look of the watch.  The crystal on the exhibition case back has also been decorated.  It has a T-37A tank laser etched into it completing the theme of this timepiece.


Weight: 153 grams

Case Diameter: 48mm

Case Diameter w/crown: 52mm

Case thickness: 16mm

Strap Width: 24mm

Buckle (inner): 24mm

Buckle (outer): 29mm

Crown: 8mm


Summary:  The Zavtra T-37 appears to be a well-made timepiece that was inspired by a the first amphibious tank.  Overall this timepiece has very clean lines and would prove to be very versatile.  To keep with the overall theme I would have preferred a screw down crown but honestly most of us aren’t divers anyway.  This is a solid timepiece and it will only be a matter of time before this is your go to watch.  I am not sure the question we asked above can be answered yet but this is a great start.

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